Saturday, July 24, 2010


Ok blogger friends.....I am a little frustrated today and I need to vent.  I will try to stay on the positive side but it can be difficult sometimes.  Here goes...I have been looking for the H2O solution cartridge to do a double page layout.  I have gone to two JoAnn Fabric stores, two Michael 's stores,  one AC Moore, and also a small scrapbooking store.  NO ONE CARRIES THIS CARTRIDGE!  I think the straw that broke the camels back today was when the owner of the scrapbooking store told me that she had the cartridge but was not going to sell it to me-she was holding them for her regular customers.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  Lady you just lost a regular customer!  I think the heat (which reached 103 degrees today) was melting my brain by this time. 

I feel like I live in May-berry sometimes.  I get tired of having to order things online or hope that I win a bid on Ebay.  Why is it that two of the same stores can carry things so differently?  Why is it that two different stores carry the same products but at different prices?  Can you hear the frustration???  (banging head up against the wall right now)  I was looking for Ranger felt pads for the distressed inks and guess what?  NO ONE CARRIES THEM!  So I had to order them online and waited three weeks for them to arrive.   Hear me loud and clear!!! If I ever win the lottery I will open up a stamping/scrapbooking store and serve all of the customers that walk through the door, put a smile on my face, and make sure that I carried a wide variety of products!!!  Ok enough of the venting...thank you...I feel much better now.
I am looking forward to spending some time with the gang this evening to discuss our plans for the CK convention this upcoming week.  My buddy Carol is making a cheesecake pound cake....the sugar should help calm me down wishing we had a Hobby Lobby!!!!  Oh well, it is off to the dungeon to try and create something!!!!  Have a blessed day ;) 

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